What kind of glue can be used to fix the sealing strip of the car door frame falling off

The car has been driving for a long time, and it is inevitable that there will be some problems. It is a common phenomenon that the sealing strip of the car door frame falls off. However, the stripping of the car door frame sealing strip will affect the airtightness of the car door, resulting in the inability to close the door tightly and increasing the noise, which will affect the overall comfort of the car. What should I do if the car door frame seal strip falls off? What glue do you use to glue the door panels? let's see.

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Car door frame seals are exposed to wind and sunlight for a long time, and they will age, crack, break, loosen or even fall off. If the sealing strip of the car door frame is found to fall off, it should be dealt with in time, and glue can be used to make it fit. It should be noted that since the door panels are made of rubber, you can use 401 or 801 glue, or 3M double-sided tape, but rubber glue is more recommended. Disperse the glue evenly on the place where the glue is opened, and proceed step by step from top to bottom; then press the car sealing strip to the proper position by hand, and the strip can be bonded immediately.

The sealing strip of the car door frame falls off, mainly due to aging. Usually should pay attention to maintenance. Be careful not to use too much force when opening and closing the door. This can easily damage the rubber band. In rainy days or after washing the car, the moisture in the gap of the car door should be wiped. Avoid acid rain or cleaning agent residues from corroding the strip. If the rubber strip is aged and broken, it should be replaced in time.

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