How to maintain the car door frame

Many parts of the car need maintenance, but many people think that maintenance is because the engine, tires, brakes and other accessories will affect the smooth driving, but in fact, the maintenance of the door frame of the car is also very necessary. So how to maintain the car door frame ? Let's take a look.

car door frame

Frequent use of lubricating oil for maintenance: The car door frame is the most commonly used place, especially if the car door frame is not opened properly or the passenger does not open and close the car door frame properly , the car door frame is easily damaged. Therefore, always lubricate your car door frame hinges to reduce wear. The correct way to open and close the car door frame is to open or close the glass window to prevent the car door frame from being easily damaged.

Uses for repellants and anti-seals: Car door frames are also used to isolate noise and water from the exterior of the car. If it is damaged, it is easy to cause water leakage and noise in the car. Therefore, when repairing the car door frame , be sure to use a brush to clean the sand and dust, and at the same time use a high-permeability protector to prevent the weather strip from aging and get a good maintenance effect.

Automobile door frame manufacturers

In short, do not underestimate the maintenance of your car door frame , it will also affect your daily driving. Therefore, it is recommended that you should also perform proper maintenance on the lower car door frame , especially in rainy days.

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