How often should the car door frame seal be replaced

The car door frame seal is an indispensable part of the car. Its function is to reduce the wind noise during the driving of the car. Of course, it can also improve the airtightness of the car, prevent the outflow of air conditioning or heating, and it can also be waterproof and dustproof. Influence. Of course, the sealing strip of the car door frame will also be aged and damaged. How often should car door frame seals be replaced? Let me tell you below.

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The car door frame sealing strip is made of rubber, plastic or thermoplastic elastomer material, and the replacement time needs to be determined according to the situation. Generally, the car door frame seal should be replaced within three to four years.

First, check the weather strip for large cracks and breaks. If the weather strip breaks, you can use adhesive. Especially large cracks can be restored easily with adhesive seals . Of course, if the sealing strip of the car door frame is seriously damaged or aging, it is recommended to replace it with a new one .

Common sense of daily maintenance of car door frame seals 1. After the car owner cleans the door and window seals with a car cleaner , generally apply a layer of high-permeability protective agent to prevent the seals from aging and falling off. Greatly improved the sealing performance of the automobile door frame sealing strip . In addition, the gap between the sealing strips is easy to be filled with sand and dust, which will cause rust. Therefore, sand and dust should be removed with a brush. 2. After the window glass is damaged, the owner should check whether the sealing strip is damaged when replacing the glass . Since window glass often doesn't return to its original shape after repairs, in addition to making sure it can be easily pulled or raised and lowered, attention also needs to be paid to the seal around the window glass. If the gap between the glass and the glass notch is uneven, and the contact between the rubber strip and the glass and the glass notch is not good, the car owner can easily pull off the car door frame seal by hand . The maintenance frequency of the car door frame seal strip and the common sense of the maintenance of the frame seal strip have been introduced above . All friends who love cars must not underestimate the car door frame seal , otherwise noise, water leakage and other problems will bother you, and the car door frame seal needs to be replaced in time.

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