Understand the classification of auto parts and better maintain your car

Now cars have become an indispensable means of transportation in our lives, providing great convenience for people's lives, and becoming less distant . But most people still don't know enough about cars. They only know how to use them, but they don't know how to maintain them. Today, let's take a deeper look at how to maintain your car. According to the type of use, auto parts are classified according to the performance of the parts, which can be divided into 5 types.


The first type of basic parts, which refers to some of the most important parts that make up the car, such as crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head camshaft, axle housing, transmission housing and so on.


The second type of consumable parts, this part of the zero auto parts mainly refers to the natural aging of the car during operation, the parts that must be replaced privately and due, such as the drive belt filter element, the gasket tire battery and so on.


The third type is wearing parts. It mainly means that the car is very easy to wear and tear during driving, and the failed parts are sent to bearing bushes, piston rings, pistons, cam bushings, sleeve cylinders, air valves, conduits, etc.


The fourth type is maintenance parts. These parts are mainly parts that must be replaced after the car has gone through some operating cycles, fasteners of various moving parts such as shaft gears and some that must be replaced in a certain service life. Component.


The fifth type is accidents. This kind of test paper car is mainly damaged parts due to accidents, such as bumpers, lights, rearview mirrors, body panels, radiators, etc.



If it is divided according to the source of auto parts, it can be divided into two categories, one is called original parts, and the other is called suitable parts. Original parts refer to the parts manufactured by the original equipment manufacturer, which are completely produced in accordance with the standards and related requirements of the automobile manufacturing specifications, and are specially used by the automobile manufacturer for maintenance and replacement of some parts that have been used in the drawings.


These products fully comply with the standards stipulated by the original factory, and also have the original factory's trademark, original part number, and original packaging. Therefore, these products are generally sold through authorized dealers of automobile manufacturers or authorized service stores. Those that are not provided by the original factory, but can be applied to the same model as the corresponding original parts, such auto parts are called applicable parts. choose.