How to choose good auto parts

In car maintenance and maintenance, people often accidentally buy some fake and inferior parts and some unqualified parts, and feel very troubled, so what method should be used to buy suitable auto parts ? Through the following methods, you can buy regular products of very good quality.




1. Check whether the trademarks of this auto parts are complete. The quality of the regular product packaging is very good, and the writing on the packaging box is very clear, and the overprinting color is also very bright. The product that should be on the packaging box bag Name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name and address, telephone number, etc. These manufacturers will also put their own marks on the accessories. Some very important auto accessories, such as generators, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc. It is equipped with some instruction manuals, certificates of conformity and original packaging to guide users in this way, how to use and maintain them correctly, so you should read carefully when purchasing to prevent fake and shoddy products.

2. Check whether the size of the nodules is deformed. Some parts are easily deformed due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage. Therefore, when checking, you can roll the shaft parts along the glass plate to see if the parts fit the glass plate. Use this method to judge whether there is any light leakage. When purchasing the steel plate or friction plate of the clutch drive plate, you can put the steel plate friction plate in front of your eyes and observe whether there is warping . When purchasing an oil seal, the end face of the oil seal with a skeleton should be straight, and the roundness can fit the flat glass surface without a skeleton.

3. Check whether the end is smooth . During the process of transporting and storing auto parts, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks often occur on the joint part due to vibration and bumping, which will affect the use of parts, so before purchasing Pay attention when checking.

4. Check whether there are traces of rust on the surface of auto parts. Some qualified parts have both ice and incremental smoothness on the surface. Therefore, the more important parts are, the higher the accuracy will be. Rust and anti-corrosion will be stricter, so you must pay attention to inspection when you choose to buy. If you find that the parts have uniform spots that have not changed, spots or loss of elastic shaft diameter, and obvious turning tool lines on the surface, they should be replaced in time .