How to choose the auto parts you need?

Now the domestic auto parts market is also becoming more and more, and the parts on the auto parts market are also difficult to distinguish between true and false. If you want to buy the parts you are satisfied with, you need to know some knowledge about auto parts. Generally, car owners and friends like it very much. , Go to the auto parts market to choose the accessories you need. Let’s talk about how to buy auto parts. In fact, according to the professionals in the industry, the main classification of auto parts is divided into original packaging, brand parts, and car parts. wait.


1. The original package refers to those dealers who have obtained the authorization of this brand. Then inquire about some parts that customers need for maintenance on some systems, and then place an order directly from this system to purchase. And the outer packaging of this kind of accessories not only has the manufacturer's purchase logo, the label for the dealer, the manufacturer's code, the QR code payment scan and the product logo, etc., even after opening the package, the parts themselves have corresponding part numbers , after such accessories are replaced, if there is any problem, they can be replaced for free within the warranty period, so the price is slightly more expensive than those accessories on the market, but some dealers and manufacturers use accessories tasks to get rebates every year, This also leads to an increase in the order volume. If the sales cannot be followed up, it will be sold to some auto parts. If you find a dealer in the market to get the goods, there will generally be a little floating point, so it is also possible to buy such parts, which are generally cheaper than 4S . The store is cheaper.

2. Brand stores, because the auto market continues to grow and grow, and the auto parts market is also following the continuous development of some auto parts manufacturing companies, and they have also begun to develop their own brands on a large scale. The quality of these brand parts is still very high in terms of large parts. Okay, so the same type of product is likely to be produced by different manufacturers, which requires you to understand the popularity of this manufacturer.


3. Parts for dismantling are some cars. After some major accidents, the insurance company determined the damage and scrapped them, and some parts were still intact. Sometimes when you encounter some difficult miscellaneous parts that are out of stock everywhere, you can go to some car scrap parts markets to find them, and you may get unexpected gains.