Rolling parts manufacturers: research on the development of automotive rolling parts

  Rolling parts manufacturers share the application of high-strength steel in auto parts

  A large number of facts have proved that the use of advanced high-strength steel has become a competitive and effective measure for automotive lightweight tools, because it has the following advantages:

  High-strength steel has a wide range of strength grades; the body uses high-strength steel plates, which can reduce parts and weight, thereby reducing consumption; compared with materials such as magnesium and aluminum, the greenhouse gas emissions of the production of advanced high-strength steel are lower, only aluminum 1/6 , less than 1/8 of magnesium ; high-strength steel meets the requirements of improving automobile collision safety and driving stability;

Roller parts manufacturers

  Advanced high-strength steels provide the best way to reduce weight and optimize performance. Duplex steels have a good combination of strength, formability and weldability. These advantages, combined with the cost advantages of cold-rolled forming, make AHSS attractive for use in automotive body structural and safety components.

  Part Forming Technology

  Nowadays, the application proportion of high-strength steel in foreign auto parts manufacturing is increasing. Advanced high-strength steel manufacturing technologies mainly include laser tailor welding technology, hydraulic forming technology, stamping technology, cold forming technology, etc. Among them, automotive stamping parts occupy a large market. However, the study found that the cold roll forming process has greater advantages than the stamping forming process.

  Compared with deep drawn parts, rolled parts have the following advantages: low tool cost; cold forming can form higher strength steel; good flexibility, can produce products of different lengths and thicknesses

  weight loss effect

  High-strength steel is closely related to the lightweight of parts. The use of high-strength steel plates can reduce plate thickness and weight under the design conditions of equal strength and equal load.

  High-strength steel plates can be used in automobile body manufacturing to improve the impact absorption energy of parts and prevent plastic deformation. As the strength of duplex steel increases, the impact absorbed energy also increases. Therefore, from the perspective of collision energy absorption, the higher the strength of the material, the more obvious the weight reduction effect. When the tensile strength of steel is doubled, its thickness and weight can typically be reduced by 30% while absorbing the same amount of energy .

  Under the pressure of automobile lightweight and energy saving and emission reduction, it is the development trend of modern automobile parts to replace ordinary strength steel with high strength steel and replace stamping parts with automobile rolling parts. Roll forming offers significant advantages over stamping forming when processing high-strength grades of high-strength steel. Therefore, in order to improve the strength and competitiveness of domestic automobile companies and meet the needs of domestic automobile energy conservation and environmental protection, it is urgent to develop more advanced automobile roll forming technology.