Basic Types of Auto Parts

  Auto Parts Factory Analyzing cars has become an indispensable tool in our lives. Whether it is travel or daily transportation, it provides us with greater convenience and makes the distance less distant. But most people don't know cars well enough. They only know how to use it, but they don't know how to maintain auto parts. Today, let's have a deeper understanding of our cars.

auto parts

Auto parts are classified according to the nature of the parts, which can be divided into five types:

  1. Basic auto parts: Refers to some of the main assembly parts that make up the car, such as crankshaft, cylinder block, cylinder head, camshaft, frame, axle housing, gearbox housing, etc.

  2. Vulnerable auto parts: Refers to the parts that must be replaced during the operation of the car, such as various transmission belts, filter elements, gaskets, tires, batteries, etc.

  3. Vulnerable auto parts: refers to parts that are easy to wear and fail during driving, such as bearing bushes, piston rings, pistons, cam bushings, cylinder liners, air valves, pipes, kingpins, kingpin bushings, hubs, brakes Drums, various sealing oils, steel pin bushings, etc.

  4. Maintenance of auto parts: Maintenance parts refer to the parts that must be replaced after a certain period of use of the car, such as various shafts, gears, fasteners of various moving parts, and parts that must be replaced within a certain service life, such as some fasteners. Firmware, knuckles, half bushings, etc.

  5. Accident auto parts: Accident refers to the parts of the car that are mainly damaged due to the accident, such as bumpers, lights, rearview mirrors, body covers, radiators, etc.

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