What should be paid attention to when purchasing auto parts?

  What aspects should be paid attention to in the selection of auto parts?

  First, ensure that the trademark logo is complete. The outer packaging of authentic products is of good quality, the writing on the packaging box is clear, and the registration colors are bright. The product name, specification model, quantity, registered trademark, factory name, factory address, telephone number, etc. should be marked on the packaging box and luggage, and some enterprises should mark it on the accessories themselves. Some important components, such as generators, distributors, fuel injection pumps, etc., are equipped with user manuals, certificates of conformity and inspector's chapters to ensure users use and maintain them correctly. Be careful when buying, and don't buy fakes.

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  Second, check whether the geometric dimensions of the auto parts are deformed. Some parts are improperly manufactured, transported and stored, and easily deformed. To check, you can roll the shaft part along the glass plate to ensure that the light leaks bend where the part contacts the glass plate. When selecting clutch drive plate steel or friction plates, hold the steel and friction plates in front of your eyes to check for warpage. When selecting an oil seal, the end face of the oil seal with a skeleton should be engaged with the flat glass, forming a perfect circle without bending. The outside of the oil stick without a skeleton should be neat, and it should be deformed by hand, and it can return to its original shape after letting go. Also check the geometric size and shape when purchasing various down jackets.

  Third, see if the joint is flat. During the transportation and storage of parts, due to vibration and collision, burrs, indentations, damage or cracks often appear in the joint parts, which affect the use of parts. Pay attention to check when buying.

  Fourth, see if the surface of the part is rusted. The surface of qualified parts has a certain degree of precision and gloss. The more important the part, the higher the accuracy, and the stricter the anti-rust and anti-corrosion treatment of the packaging. When purchasing, if you find that the parts are rusted, moldy, rubber cracked, lost elasticity, or there are obvious turning patterns on the target surface, you should check and replace them.

  Fifth, make sure the protective surface is intact. Most parts are protected at the factory. Piston pins, bearings protected by paraffin wax, etc. Piston rings and cylinder liners are coated with anti-rust oil and packed in wrapping paper; valves, pistons and other anti-rust oils are soaked and packed in plastic bags. At the time of purchase, if the sealed envelope is damaged or the wrapper is missing, rustproof oil or paraffin leaks, it will be replaced.

  Sixth, check whether the adhesive parts are loose. Auto parts composed of two or more parts are completed by extrusion, bonding or welding, and the pump plunger and adjustment arm are not allowed to loosen through extrusion joints. The clutch driven wheel and the steel plate are joined by rivets, and the friction plate and the steel plate are joined by rivets or bonded. Paper filter element skeleton and filter paper are glued together. The wire ends of electrical equipment are welded. If it is found to be loose at the time of purchase, it must be replaced.

  Seventh, ensure that the rotating parts of auto parts are flexible. When purchasing rotating parts such as oil pumps, turn the pump shaft by hand and it should feel agile and unobstructed. When choosing a rolling bearing, one hand supports the inner ring of the bearing, and the other hand rotates the outer ring, so the outer ring must be able to rotate quickly and freely, and must gradually stop. If the rotating parts do not rotate properly, internal rust will corrode or deform, please do not buy. Eighth, look at the impeccable assembly parts. Formal general assembly components must be fully equipped to ensure smooth assembly and normal operation. If a single small part in some component parts leaks, the component part may not work properly or be scrapped.