The dangers of inferior auto parts

  After buying a car, it is commonplace to occasionally buy parts and go to a repair shop, but if you accidentally encounter fake and shoddy products, it is the owner who suffers, not only suffering financial losses, but also burying hidden dangers for the safety of the car. In order to achieve a relatively cheap price, when buying or using auto parts, "cheap" goods are a practice that has a lot of harm and no benefit. So, let's learn about the dangers of inferior auto parts!

auto parts

  1. Accelerated engine wear. If you use a fake three-filter, the material is poor, the density is high, and the filter effect is poor. A large amount of oxidized impurities in the air, gasoline tank, and engine oil will enter the engine.

  2. Accelerate the wear and tear of the engine. The engine should have been normally maintained (taking a private car as an example, the car entered the overhaul cycle 10 years after the car was purchased, but the three filters or engine oil and antifreeze of fake and shoddy cars were used to advance the overhaul cycle of the engine by more than 5 years, in a word 333

  3. Accelerate the wear of brake disc and brake hub. Real brake pads and brakes are made of soft material with a high coefficient of friction. On the other hand, due to the hard friction material of the brake pads and brake pads of "aquatic products", the friction coefficient is small, and the braking force is insufficient, the driving of the vehicle is also potentially dangerous.

  4. Damage to steering system and transmission system. The left and right tie rods of the steering machine and the left and right side shields are made of oil-resistant rubber products. The real dust-proof cover is oil-resistant, soft and elastic, but the rubber of the fake dust-proof cover is not oil-resistant, hard and has poor elasticity, and is easy to age and crack. When it breaks, the steering knuckle and the side cage will enter soil, sand and water, and the steering knuckle and the side cage will wear out, fall off during driving, and the vehicle will lose control, which may also cause traffic accidents.

  5. Bumpers are not insurance. The real front and rear bumpers are injection-molded with engineering plastics, and the inner lining has cushioning and absorption effect, but most of the "imitation" front and rear bumpers use recycled and used recycled plastics, which will break under the action of external force.

  6. Blurry windshield. The hazy beauty in life is accepted by people, but the car's windshield and wipers are directly related. ) and cheap) windshields have uneven radians up, down, left, and right. Looking directly at the road is like a young man wearing presbyopic glasses. The vision is blurred, and the glasses are prone to fatigue. Especially when driving at night in the rain, the consequences are very serious.

  7. Look at the flowers in the fog. If the eyesight of the car is not good, you can only buy "aquatic products". Because the headlights of "Aquatic Products" can't focus well, the reflector will turn yellow for a while, and it can't be seen from a long distance. This eye disease can be considered.

  8. Natural wire. The copper wire in the automobile wiring harness is too thin, the resistance value increases during use, and the heat generation increases accordingly. In addition, the insulation performance of the insulating material is poor, and it is easy to deteriorate. In addition, the burning wire has the risk of spontaneous combustion.

  After looking at it, auto parts are mainly barcodes on jewelry packaging. If the poor-quality barcode is not printed clearly and the accessory barcode gun cannot recognize it, it must be a "fake". There is a weight difference between good auto parts and "aquatic products". For example, it can be identified by measuring the real product and the "water product" of the oil filter.

  Three touches: The attachment process is rough, and the feel is very different.

  In terms of the use effect of auto parts, it is self-evident. There are also advantages and disadvantages in terms of life expectancy, as well as safety. Comfort and fire resistance vary widely.

  The above is the hazards of inferior auto parts, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!