Auto parts genuine identification method

  In the car market full of fakes, how to distinguish the authenticity of the product, with discerning eyes? What is the difference between genuine and inferior products? So, let’s learn how to identify genuine auto parts!

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  Sub-factory parts = inferior products?

  Before starting the comparison of auto parts, I think it is necessary to clearly explain the differences between factory parts, sub-factory parts, and counterfeit and shoddy products, so as not to confuse everyone. Because many owners think that sub-factory parts = fake and shoddy products. This is a wrong understanding.

  Factory accessories

  Factory parts refer to the auto parts that the vehicle manufacturer entrusts the parts manufacturer to produce. Most of these auto parts are printed with the trademark and logo of the vehicle manufacturer, and are only provided within the service channels of the vehicle manufacturer. That is to say, brand 4S stores can not only sell genuine parts, but most of the so-called genuine parts purchased in other places are imitation fakes. Please be sure to choose regular channels and keep your eyes open.

  Sub-factory accessories

  Sub-factory parts refer to parts produced by enterprises that have not been authorized by the vehicle manufacturer. For auto parts, it must be noted that the parts of the auxiliary factory are produced by regular manufacturers, have independent brands, and the product quality is also guaranteed. There are also many sub-manufacturer accessory brands on the market. Therefore, we can see that the real sub-factory parts are not counterfeit and shoddy products, but the product quality is guaranteed and after-sales service is provided.

  fake jewelry

  However, in the auto parts market, a large part of counterfeit accessories are called "sub-factory parts" by merchants. Everyone wants to say what they say, but it is not difficult to understand that this will further hinder consumers' purchases. Most of these fakes are fakes and accessories from sub-factories. They come from three small workshops without licenses, equipment, and technology, so the quality cannot be guaranteed. Avoid buying fakes to avoid being deceived.

  Comparison of auto parts products

  Next, enter the comparison section of genuine and fake auto parts products. This time we found three commonly used auto parts products. Those are filter elements and brake pads respectively. It is easy to buy fake and inferior products in the car sales market, take them to the brand authorized professional repair shop, find the factory parts of the same model, and compare them.

  air filter

  已知汽车也会“呼吸”。 发动机在工作中会大量吸入空气,但如果不过滤空气中的灰尘和沙粒等杂质而吸入发动机,会对发动机造成严重的损伤。 此时,需要事先过滤进入发动机的空气,确认进入发动机气缸的空气足够清洁。 如果还不太明白的话,就打个比喻吧。 那就像阴天你戴的口罩。





  饰品的价格。 使用假空气过滤器元件的危害:




  工厂的空气滤芯可以用15000公斤或20000公斤进行更换。 (不同厂家的规定略有不同),如果使用假冒伪劣的气动元件,会影响车辆的动力,因此更换周期会缩短。

  说到刹车片,不得不提车辆的制动系统(盘式制动器)的结构。 在运转中踩下制动踏板时,制动助力泵内的活塞被推压,制动油路产生液压,制动油被输送到制动钳的分离泵活塞。 此时,分离泵活塞推动刹车片加强刹车片,使它们之间产生摩擦,实现车辆制动。 由此可见,刹车片对车辆行驶安全的重要性,购买高质量的刹车片很重要。










  If the material of the friction pad is not good, the wear of the brake disc will increase, which will affect the life of the brake disc.

  The replacement cycle of factory brake pads is 60,000-80,000 kilometers (or longer) according to the usage conditions, and the service life of fake and inferior brake pads is significantly shorter than that of factory brake pads.

  The above is the authenticity identification method of auto parts, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!