Auto parts maintenance method Daquan

  Many car owners will be very careful when purchasing auto parts, but it is easy to forget about the maintenance of parts after installation. In this way, when the car travel is gradually increasing, the parts are very easy to wear and the use time is shortened. Then, let's learn about the maintenance methods of auto parts together!

1. Auto parts are afraid of getting dirty

If the fuel filter, oil filter, air filter, hydraulic oil filter, various filters and other components are too dirty, the filtering effect will deteriorate, and too much foreign matter will enter the oil circuit cylinder, causing wear and tear of the components and failure possibility becomes higher. The vehicle may also not function properly in severe traffic jams. If the radiator fins, air-cooled engine block and head fins, radiator fins and other components are too dirty, the heat dissipation will be poor and the temperature will be too high. Therefore, clean and maintain such "dirty" parts in time.

2. Auto parts are not heat-resistant

The temperature of the engine piston is too high, and overheating is likely to cause cuffing; overheating of rubber seals, triangular tapes, tires, etc., is prone to early aging, performance degradation, and shortened life; coils of starters, generators, regulators and other electrical appliances are overheated and easily burned. The bearings of scrapped vehicles need to be kept at an appropriate temperature. Once overheated, the lubricating oil will quickly deteriorate, and eventually the bearings will burn out and the vehicle will be damaged.

3. Auto parts are afraid of strings

Various couplings of the diesel engine system, master and slave gears in the main reducer of the drive axle, hydraulically operated valve blocks and valve stems, valve bodies and sleeves for full hydraulic steering, etc. These couplings are specially machined during manufacture, ground in pairs, very precise, used in pairs throughout their service life and must never be replaced. Pistons and cylinder liners, bearings and journals, valves and seats, connecting rods and cylinder heads and shafts are some of the intermeshing components that mesh relatively well over time. During maintenance, attention should also be paid to assembling in pairs to avoid "closer" to each other.

4. Fear of resistance

When installing the engine gasket, do not install it in reverse. Failure to do so will result in premature ablative damage. For some special shapes of piston rings, it cannot be installed in reverse. Please assemble according to the requirements of different models; the installation of fan blades also has direction requirements. Fans generally have two types of exhaust and suction, do not reverse. On the contrary, the heat dissipation of the engine becomes poor and the temperature is too high. For tires with a directional pattern similar to a herringbone pattern tire, in order to ensure a large driving force, the ground trace after installation must have the front end of the herringbone facing the rear. Regarding the two tires arranged side by side, the requirements vary depending on the vehicle model, so they cannot be installed casually.

5. Fear of insufficiency

When repairing the vehicle, some small items may be accidentally left out of the installation. In addition, some people think that it doesn't matter if it is installed or not. This is very dangerous and harmful. The door lock pieces of the engine must be installed in pairs. For example, sometimes due to omission or loss of installation, the valve is out of control, and it is damaged due to collision with the piston, etc.; If the loose device has installation leakage, it may cause serious failure in use. If the oil nozzle for lubricating the gears in the timing gear chamber of the engine leaks, the oil leakage from there will become severe and the pressure of the engine oil will become low. If the tank cover, oil cap, and oil cap are lost, gravel, dust, etc. will invade, which will aggravate the wear of various parts.

6. I am afraid of oil

The paper filter element of the dry filter has strong hygroscopicity. Once the oil is attached, the mixed gas with high concentration will be easily sucked into the cylinder, resulting in insufficient air volume, deterioration of fuel consumption rate, and decrease of engine output power. "Flying car". If oil adheres to the triangular tape, it will promote corrosion and deterioration, and at the same time, it will slip easily and the transfer efficiency will decrease. If oil is attached to brake pads, dry clutch friction plates, brake bands, etc., it is prone to slipping or malfunction, which threatens driving safety; The motor power is insufficient, and the voltage of the generator drops. The rubber of the tire is very sensitive to the corrosion of oil. When in contact with oil, the rubber will become soft and peel off. Short-term contact will cause abnormal damage and serious damage to the tire.

7. Fear of repetition

Some parts should be disposable, but if individual drivers or repairmen reuse them for saving or don't know the "taboo", it is easy to cause accidents. Generally speaking, after removing the engine connecting rod bolts, nuts, fixed bolts of imported diesel engine injectors, water retaining rings of cylinder liners, sealing copper gaskets, various oil seals of the hydraulic system, sealing rings and pins and openings of important parts, After the pins and other parts, regarding the engine cylinder head gasket, no damage was found during inspection, but new ones were replaced. The old ones have poor elasticity, poor sealing, and are easy to age. They need to be replaced after long-term use, which is very troublesome, so if there are new ones, it is better to replace them as much as possible.

8. Not resistant to pressure

The outer tires of the tires should be stacked and stored for a long time. If they are not turned over in time, they will be deformed due to extrusion and affect the life; The role of the filter cannot be reliably played; oil seals, triangular tapes, air pipes, etc. cannot be pressed. After pressing, it will also be deformed, affecting normal use.

9. Fear of fire

Auto parts include rubber products such as tires, triangular tapes, cylinder liner water retaining rings, and rubber oil seals. If they are close to open flames, they are prone to aging, deterioration, and damage. On the other hand, they may also cause fire accidents. Especially some diesel vehicles, because of the cold in winter, it is difficult to start. Some drivers must often use burners to heat, so as not to burn lines, oil circuits, etc.

10. I am afraid of doing laundry

Auto parts Some people who start driving or start repairing may think that all parts need to be cleaned, but in fact this understanding is one-sided. For the paper air filter of the engine, when removing the dust on it, it cannot be cleaned with any oil. Simply tap with your hand, or blow high-pressure air out from the inside of the filter. For leather parts, there is no need to clean them with oil, just wipe them with a clean rag.

The above is a complete list of maintenance methods for auto parts. If you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!