During car maintenance, which auto parts do not need to be replaced with original parts?

Although our daily life has improved and the use and testing of cars has increased, we all know that a car is made up of many auto parts, and if a small part fails, it may endanger the entire body. And many car owners take good care of their cars, so many friends go to 4S shops every year for regular maintenance or repairs, and then they are worried that there will be some minor problems with the parts of their cars. In addition, they will find that some drivers who have just bought a car will listen to the recommendations of 4S shops when replacing accessories, and most of them recommend original accessories, because the price is high, so they can make more money, but old drivers say: novice Notice! During car maintenance, these car accessories do not need to be replaced from the original factory. Don't be fooled. Let's take a look at those parts that don't need to be changed from the original factory.


Auto parts one: car wiper. The service life of the wiper blade is generally not long. Generally speaking, it needs to be replaced after nearly two years of use. When replacing, many people think that the service life of the original wiper will be longer, but the wiper itself is a very consumable part. Therefore, as long as the replacement brand is better, there is no need to replace the original wiper.

Auto parts two: car battery. Primary batteries and engine oil are of the same nature. They are basically pseudo-original. Most original car batteries are customized to achieve a pseudo-original effect. In the field of car batteries, the quality of large manufacturers is much higher than that of some pseudo-original manufacturers, and it is normal for the service life to exceed 1-2 years. So when you replace the battery, you can consider batteries from other independent manufacturers.

Auto parts three: original car paint. Nowadays, more and more users own vehicles, more and more people, and more and more cars, so it is inevitable to encounter some scratches. So they often need to go to the 4S shop or repair shop to spray paint, so the manufacturer will give us a quotation. Domestic paint only needs 300 doors. If the price of the original car paint is 700 yuan, which is almost twice the price of the original car paint, but the effect is no different from the original car, the car owner certainly hopes that the car can be repaired without any color difference! The so-called original pigment does not exist at all! The paint after the car is not the same process as the paint brought by the original car. The cars that leave the factory are all painted digitally by robots, with different material compositions and even different drying temperatures. They are all CNC. So car paint is nothing more than a misconception that costs money.

Auto parts four: brake pads. Of course, the original brake pads are good, but the original brake pads are not only expensive, but also have no warranty. If the owner has any problems after use, the manufacturer does not take any responsibility. If you choose another brand of brake pads, not only are they cheaper, but they also have post-warranty features.

In general, the editor thinks that these four parts do not need to replace the original parts. First, they are components that have little to do with car safety. Second, they are parts with a large price difference between auxiliary parts and original parts. Third, these parts themselves are vulnerable parts. Fourth, the parts are completely devoid of original parts.