Rolling parts manufacturers take you to understand: the process principle of rolling tools

Rolling parts manufacturers tell you that in machining activities, the use of rolling tools is very common, we use them in various rolling operations, and rolling tools are still very important. How to deal with it? This is what everyone cares about. Now, let's understand how the scroll tool works. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that understanding the process principle first helps to expand our workflow. As a rolling parts manufacturer, the quality of rolling tools is good, and the performance during operation is relatively good. So now let us share the details with you.

Roller parts manufacturers

The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the principle of the large-diameter coincidence process of thread processing with pressing tools and turning threads is that when using the rolling tools of ordinary thread rolling machines to process threads, the support guide plate is not used to support the workpiece, but the inner hollow workpiece The hole is supported by a mandrel, or use another type. The upper support form supports the workpiece to be rolled. The rolling part manufacturer tells you that a flat turning tool with a wide edge is installed at the position where the original support guide plate is at the lower part of the workpiece. This turning tool readily cuts off excess wire formed during thread rolling that exceeds standard requirements. Because this process forms the thread profile with the rolling tool, it also increases the diameter of the thread, so this is called the coincidence of the major diameter of the cold-rolled tool thread with the major diameter of the turned thread. This process adds the process of turning large diameter threads with a form turning tool compared to the original process of threading with a separate rolling tool .

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