What is Auto Parts

Auto parts are the various units that make up the entire car and the products that serve the car. Parts, fasteners, components (including standards) and assemblies suitable for automobiles are all called automotive parts. In addition to the name, this concept also includes varieties and specifications. Some general-purpose parts suitable for automobiles can also be used as automobile parts, such as bearings, general electrical equipment, etc.

auto parts

Auto parts in a broad sense refer to all materials needed by auto maintenance manufacturers such as auto parts, auto maintenance materials, and auto supplies. All auto parts must be produced, transported, stored, and sold according to specific standards, and different auto parts products have different product standards. This is a general feature shared by auto parts products.

It is worth noting that today there are more and more car brands, more and more types of cars, and more and more types of auto parts. Therefore, we must have a clear understanding of auto parts.

The vulnerable parts of the body mainly include the following categories

Stringers: bending deformation and cracking.

Evaporator and housing: severely bent or cracked on impact.

Cab: sheet metal skin corrosion, collision deformation, door collision deformation, glass breakage, glass regulator damage, door lock damage, etc.

Fenders, brackets, front and rear wheel fenders: collision damage, vibration cracks, mud corrosion.

Bumpers, license plates, exterior mirrors: often damaged by collisions.

Trim strips, rocker panels, pillar panels; all are fragile parts.

Auto parts are classified according to standardization

Auto parts are divided into engine parts. There are five categories of chassis components, main body and accessory components, electrical and electronic products, and general components.

According to the terms and definitions of automobiles, components include total subassembly units and parts.

(1) Component: a combination of component level or functional form composed of multiple subassemblies of multiple parts or any combination between them, and the part with component decomposition characteristics is a component.

(2) Subassembly: The assembly process is combined with two or more parts and subassemblies, where a pair of parts belonging to the assembly-level relationship is a subassembly.

(3) Sub-assembly: It includes two or more components formed by assembly process or combination, and the part that has an assembly-level relationship with the sub-assembly is a sub-assembly.

(4) Unit body: It is a functional combination with functional characteristics composed of any combination of components. Usually, the part that can operate independently in different environments is a unit body.

(5) Component: It is a single finished product, a single component, or a generally non-detachable fabrication with two or more associated specified functions manufactured through an assembly process.

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