Introduction of double-head projection welding machine for automobile glass guide rail bracket?

In fact, the application of automobile glass guide rail in our daily life is also very common, which can form a bearing oil film. When the moving guide rail is subjected to an external load to produce a downward displacement. Let me give you a detailed introduction. I hope it can bring good help to the relevant people.

The guide rail surface of the automotive glass guide rail is separated by the oil film, which will only cause a small change in the guide rail clearance, which is about .005 for the most widely used static pressure guide rail . After continuous improvement, its functions have also increased a lot. Moreover, the equipment has strong compatibility, meets different specifications of products, multiple points, high strength after welding, and high yield. In addition to what you have seen, this automotive glass guide rail also has a data storage function. At the same time, it has missing welding. Wrong welding automatic alarm and other functions. When it is in use, it can lubricate the lubricating oil with a certain pressure, and when the gap between the guide rail and the static pressure guide rail becomes smaller with the increase of the external load. The company is an enterprise that produces special profiles for automobiles and cold-formed steel for various industries. On the company's official website, it also contains a lot of information about products and shopping tips and so on. Coming to this website is equivalent to solving all problems. The advantage here is that the company integrates R&D, manufacturing and production into one manufacturer of automotive glass run channels, rolling parts, and automotive glass guide rail guide channels.

In addition, the welding efficiency of this automotive glass guide rail is low. The old production process has been using arc welding, and the welding efficiency is low. In addition, what everyone needs to know here is that its yield rate is low. Therefore, its welders have different levels, arc welding has high requirements for welders, the welding appearance cannot be guaranteed, and the yield rate is low; when using automotive glass guide rails, what we need to understand is that its welding accuracy is poor: when welding the bracket, it cannot be welded once. Welding two brackets requires two clamping. In short, the company specializes in automotive window regulators. In order to better meet customer needs, our products have many advantages. Moreover, there are many types of products here, and the radian and spacing need to be adjustable. Here, we have always insisted on using good materials, making good products, being responsible for customers, putting customers first, and creating a win-win situation. Regardless of their establishment time or size, the company also meets the basic needs of customers. Because when you learn about it, you will find that they are all experienced in this industry. It also occupies a large area. Such enterprises are completely trustworthy when they cooperate.

The content of the above article is the introduction of the double-headed projection welding machine for the automobile glass guide rail bracket introduced by the editor. I don't know if you have mastered it. If you have any questions you don’t understand, you can go to the website to consult the customer service staff, and they will answer you one by one and serve you patiently.

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