Advantages of Roll Forming Equipment for Roll Forming Manufacturers

  Where are the advantages of roll forming technology and equipment for roll forming manufacturers?

Roller parts manufacturers

  According to its function, the rolling parts manufacturer's equipment is divided into four areas: fabric area, prestressed tension exhaust pipe area, control area and its pressure test area. In the production process, the key force of the steel belt is the line working pressure between the two control rollers and the tension distance caused by tightening the steel belt. The forming method is not easy to cause deformation of the steel bar. Compared with transmission belts, steel belts have higher toughness, compressive strength, yield strength and low elongation characteristics.


  The strength, compressive strength and yield strength of the steel strip used in roll forming equipment are all good, and good physical properties can ensure a balanced working pressure in the forming section. The steel strip is in direct contact with the surface of the billet, and the surface condition of the table can impair the surface quality of the finished material. The steel belt is obviously superior to the steel belt in terms of physical properties and surface flatness, good flatness makes the equipment run reliably, and the product thickness is the same.


  The frame of forming equipment is composed of upper beam, lower beam and upper upper frame. The main performance of each component is high-toughness alloy structural steel, and the left and right beams are plate-shaped structures. Simple structure and small net weight. Cold-rolled or cast thick steel plates can be used, avoiding the uncertain risk of using large and medium-sized forgings.


  When in use, lift the top roller, adjust the front baffle to the required position with the positioning block, place the processed steel plate between the two rollers, adjust the compression nut, the steel plate is initially compressed to the desired shape, and then locked Roll locking device, roll forming equipment production started. When changing the mold, lift the top roller, cover the mold on the roller, then lower the roller, adjust the distance between the two rollers to the desired distance, and lock the roller locking device.

  Before use, it is necessary to check in advance whether the circuit of the roll forming technology equipment and the hydraulic oil of the machine body are abnormal. The design of the processing site must have a sufficient space for the turnover time of the section steel. The structure and working principle of relevant equipment. During the operation, the analysis operation is carried out strictly according to the operating procedures. The rolling parts manufacturer has done a good job in the maintenance and use information recording of the teaching equipment. The special personnel regularly and targetedly lubricate the equipment. After the operation is completed, the equipment must be kept clean.


  Rolling parts manufacturers should replace severely worn workpieces in time, and regularly ask maintenance personnel to perform maintenance. Note that the hydraulic oil is not lower than the liquid level of the hydraulic oil window, and the rolling roller bearings should be filled with butter in time. Diesel cleaning. Use anti-rust oil to avoid rusting the roll forming equipment.


      The arc part of the track of the roll forming equipment is the main part of the slide rail. The arc position after the first few steps of pressing, when the standing edge is rolled and folded in the next pass, the formed arc should be processed by the upper and lower rollers or the horizontal wheel. Tube bundle protection, otherwise, the arc position of the material will change during the stretching process, the R becomes smaller and becomes a triangle, the steel ball does not reach the bottom, and the two-point contact produces noise, when the R becomes larger, the matching rail shakes, and the track of the slide rail is blurred , Uneven stress, deformation of slide rails, and shortened life.