Rolling parts manufacturers take you to understand: the role of rolling knives

The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the machinery manufacturing industry has a great impact on China's economy. Therefore, accelerating the development of manufacturing industry has been paid more and more attention. In manufacturing, various rolling tools are still in use and need to be treated before use. This knowledge requires familiar mastery. A hob is one of the rolling tools. In this article, I'll show you what the hob does, or you can follow along.

Roller parts manufacturers

In fact, the principle of the hob is the same as that of the roller. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the surface of the metal product is correspondingly concave and convex by extrusion. The excess surface of the convex surface will fill the concave part, that is, the metal surface is rolled by rollers to roll the convex part of the surface down and the concave part is raised and machined into a smooth mirror-like surface. Unlike cutting, it is a plastic processing. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the processing efficiency of the hob is high. Common holes can be processed in 2 seconds. Of course, this is related to the diameter of the hole and the use of the machine tool. After plastic extrusion, the smoothness of the metal workpiece can reach Ra0.01~0.4μm. At the same time, compared with the original cutting tool, the hob has the advantage of not cutting residual material. Therefore, the finish of the product not only meets the requirements. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the fatigue resistance of the product is usually required to be increased by 30%, which greatly improves the service life of the product, which is also an important reason for the need to increase the hardness of the metal.

The roller pressing parts manufacturer above introduced the function of the hob, I believe you have a better understanding of it . The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the hob is a tool for squeezing hard. The quality is very good, but one needs to understand its usage before mastering it. Therefore, people without technical skills should not use it without authorization. This can cause damage to the reel. There are many types of scrolling tools. Keep an eye on our website to learn more about scrolling tools.


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