Market Status Analysis of Rolling Parts Manufacturers

  Analysis of the current market situation of Chinese rolling parts manufacturers


  1. Cement field

Roller parts manufacturers  

Under the background that the country can carry out vigorous construction and development and continuously promote the energy conservation and emission reduction of China's cement enterprise management industry in the new era, and eliminate backward production capacity, the production capacity of the cement construction engineering industry is mainly based on capacity replacement. At the beginning of 2018, the cement industry market capacity replacement policy continued to be introduced, and the process of capacity reduction in the cement industry gradually shifted from eliminating backward production capacity to capacity replacement selection. In 2018, China's new cement clinker production lines were all capacity replacement projects, and more than 90% of the production capacity in 2020 will need to be recovered through asset replacement. In 2021, 29 production line technologies are expected to be put into production.


  2. Mining field


  In the mining industry, roller presses can replace cone crushers or ball mills for fine crushing and coarse grinding of metal ores. Recovery and fine powder quality. Kunming machine is an effective tool for mining and beneficiation at present. It is estimated that from 2021 to 2025, the market economic scale of road rollers used in mines will reach 1.616 billion to 4.847 billion yuan.


  Analysis of the development trend of the rolling parts manufacturers industry


  1. The industrial policy of energy saving and emission reduction promotes the development of grinding technology in the direction of high efficiency and energy saving


  In order to achieve the goal of energy conservation and emission reduction, the state has strengthened the control of industries with high energy consumption and low output, effectively controlled the carbon emissions of key industries such as electric power, steel, building materials, and chemicals, and continuously promoted the development of green and low-carbon circular economy in the education industry. Support a clean, environmentally friendly, safe and efficient modern social production and management system, encourage the traditional design and manufacture of an enterprise's information technology equipment update, and accelerate energy Internet technology research and innovation. In the future, grinding equipment will further develop in the direction of energy saving and emission reduction.


  2. The industrial economic policy innovation of intensive mining of mineral resources has promoted the development of the mining industry in the direction of large-scale production


  China is a country with relatively poor enterprise resource management, but with the rapid and healthy development of social economy, my country's demand for mineral resources is increasing day by day. Therefore, it is of great research significance to concentrate on the use of mineral resources and solve these resource bottlenecks. To this end, the state has issued a series of relevant industrial policies to encourage and support mining enterprises to save and comprehensively utilize mineral resources, save energy and reduce emissions, and promote large-scale production and intensive operation of the mining industry. A new pattern of mineral development with large mining groups as the backbone and coordinated development has gradually formed. Roller parts manufacturers have the characteristics of large processing technology capabilities and shortened process design processes, which are in line with the development and research direction of intensive utilization of mineral resources. Therefore, the intensive development of mineral resources and the gradual integration of mining enterprises will promote the large-scale development of roller presses.


  3. Focusing on the construction of basic education facilities will promote the stable economic development of cement building materials and mining and metallurgical industries


  The market demands of the cement building materials and mining and metallurgical industries are closely related to the investment in fixed assets. In the current context of China's rapid social and economic development, the construction of railways and highways, the construction of affordable housing systems and the advancement of urbanization will become the guarantee for the stable and sustainable development of cement building materials, mining, metallurgy and other industries, and the construction of basic education facilities Continuous learning investment will have a positive impact on cement building materials, mining, metallurgy and other industries and their fixed asset investment activities. Roller parts manufacturers will promote roller presses to have a positive impact on demand.