Development Status and Trend of Auto Parts Industry

 Development Status and Trend of Auto Parts Industry


Auto parts are all parts and components except the frame of the car. Among them, a part is an inseparable single component, while a component is a combination of parts that realize movement or function. As the upstream of the automobile and vehicle industry, the auto parts industry is an important part of the automobile industry, and it promotes and develops together with the automobile industry. In the context of economic globalization and market integration, the number of automobiles has been increasing in recent years, and the demand for follow-up parts such as automobile maintenance and automobile modification has also increased, and the performance requirements for automobile parts have also become higher and higher. The auto parts industry is the foundation of the auto industry and an important factor supporting the sustainable and healthy development of the auto industry.


After years of competitive development and experience accumulation in my country's auto parts industry, the production scale, product development capabilities and technological innovation capabilities of enterprises have been greatly improved.


In recent years, under the influence of policies such as "National III Elimination", "National VI New Emission Form", and "Management of Electrical Non-compliant Vehicles", it has driven the centralized purchase and replacement of vehicles in stages and released market demand. Second, the promotion guidelines for various policies such as the "Medium and Long-term Development Plan for the Automobile Industry" and the regional automobile industry development plans issued by Zhejiang, Guangdong and other provinces, as well as the product technology upgrading of auto parts companies and the promotion of auto parts companies Increase and actively deploy investment in important products in line with the national strategic development plan. In addition, after years of development, domestic enterprises have continuously achieved breakthroughs in core technologies, and some enterprises have initially possessed the strength to compete with foreign manufacturers in terms of service and technology. With the continuous improvement of the layout of the automobile industry, the competitiveness of my country's auto parts industry has been continuously enhanced, making full use of its own advantages, grasping the window of industrial chain transfer and purchase globalization, and deeply participating in the international automobile industry chain. my country has become an important area for the distribution of auto parts giants, and the export of auto parts has grown steadily.


With the improvement of industrial concentration, my country's auto parts manufacturers have gradually formed six major industrial clusters, forming a cluster effect of the entire automotive industry chain such as vehicle manufacturing and parts manufacturing, which not only reduces transportation costs, but also helps In order to expand the advantages of scale, it has laid a good foundation for further expanding the market size of the automotive industry. The six major industrial clusters that gather vehicle manufacturers and auxiliary industrial parks are located in the Yangtze River Delta, Southwest China, Central China, Northeast China, Bohai Rim and Pearl River Delta. They are evenly distributed, close to the consumer market, and have geographical advantages for overseas exports. This layout is conducive to the sustainable and healthy development of my country's auto parts industry, and gradually transitions to a mature market stage of centralization and specialization.


The future development trend of the auto parts industry


As the automobile manufacturing industry enters a mature stage of development, OEMs are paying more and more attention to the production scale, specialization and cost control of auto parts. The future development trend of the auto parts industry mainly has the following directions


(1) Product integration and modularization: Improve the automation level and precision of the vehicle installation process, improve work efficiency, optimize the vehicle space structure, improve vehicle performance, and make auto parts develop from single parts to integrated and modularized units.


(2) Refinement of products: With the continuous improvement of my country's industrial strength, the production mode of auto parts has been developed from the traditional low-end, and more and more domestic products have begun to replace the original products imported from abroad.


(3) Lightweight products, energy saving