How to distinguish between genuine and fake auto parts

  After all, the after-sales service prices of 4S stores are not enough for people. When car owners maintain their cars independently, they will buy corresponding auto parts. These auto parts online or from the city are often mixed with good and bad. Some counterfeit and shoddy products often surprise the owner of the pit and have to spend a lot of money on repairs. So how should we distinguish between genuine and fake auto parts, and what kind of troubles will different quality parts bring to car owners in use?


  First of all, we need to figure out the source of auto parts for auto companies. Except for the special channels such as dismantled parts and off-line parts, our country generally divides auto product parts into original parts, genuine parts, sub-factory parts, and counterfeit parts. goods. Original parts: The accessories produced by the authorized management supplier of the main engine factory. The genuine products are generally printed with the logo of the main engine factory and the service provider. Generally speaking, the workmanship and materials are sufficient, and the corresponding price is also more expensive. Genuine parts: some of the more regular company suppliers have not developed into the list of procurement personnel of the system OEM due to some important reasons, and are printed with the logo of their own production equipment manufacturers. Generally, the price is a little cheaper than the original parts, but the difference in performance does not change much. For example, 80% of the price can buy 95% of the performance, and of course it may be 105% of the performance. Sub-factory parts: Strictly speaking, according to the above genuine factory parts, it is also a kind of sub-factory parts, and for students to make a difference, or to distinguish it from the good and bad sub-factory parts, it is specially given to the above related accessories It is a good name of genuine factory parts. The sub-factory parts are also often called cultural brand parts and Taiwan parts. They all come from large and small safety production technology manufacturers with various problems in the society, ranging from good automotive industry suppliers to small workshops, all of which may be the source of sub-factory parts. Fake goods: It can be seen that it is so easy to understand. The sub-factory parts are connected to the original factory parts, which can meet the high quality and cost performance requirements at the same time. The low-quality parts are connected to the lower quality parts. The quality level is not high, but the cost performance is not bad. Going further down, we will come to the fake products that the topic of this era focuses on. The quality of fake products is in line with low-quality products, and the price depends on the price at which it is sold, that is, the water is very deep, and how much it can be sold for. Earn as much as you want.


  I think the existence of auto parts gives car owners with different spending power more choices and reduces the cost of using cars for the majority of car owners, which is a reasonable market space. However, the existence of fakes shamelessly confuses the auto parts market, causing car owners to be deceived and vehicles damaged by inferior parts. So let's distinguish between original accessories and fakes, so as to avoid the majority of car owners suffering a dark loss when purchasing.


  The above is how to distinguish between genuine and fake auto parts? If you need to know more, please feel free to contact us! Our company has many years of experience, and we look forward to your joining at any time