Technical realization of auto parts

  Cars have become an alternative means of transportation for the public, and the demand is getting higher and higher. In order to make cars beautiful and light, auto parts are transforming into integral flanging plastic parts. The production method of auto parts generally adopts multi-mode production, usually sawing----traction----multi-station progressive die (requires a variety of pre-compression dies and dies)-- -demoulding hole---- Die-cutting and other processes. It mainly includes precision mold design, complex production, it takes longer to study the correction of mold size parameters in the early stage, and the later processing cycle is long, high cost, large size error, high selectivity of objects, inflexible correction, and complex parts Multi-level operation leads to an increase in the rate of waste products and low product transformation. Then, let's learn about the technical realization of auto parts together!

auto parts

  Auto parts In view of the above situation, this case proposes a production method for auto parts, which shortens the process steps, reduces the difficulty of factory operation, and avoids the production and use of multiple complex molds, and at the same time it is easy to correct deficiencies in time.

  Technical realization elements of auto parts:

  As a manufacturing method of auto parts The manufacturing method of auto parts is as follows

  Material cutting: use relevant equipment to cut raw materials into appropriate sizes and shapes. In this step, the raw materials can be cut to make the board surface graphics after the parts are arranged evenly. While saving raw materials, unnecessary cutting and stamping operations for subsequent molding are omitted. Some parts can be formed at one time by cutting materials, which shortens the production process. cycle.

  Bending forming: Bending a blank with a certain size and shape, and bending operations of the same angle or different angles in the part are all performed in one process, without the need for multi-process and multi-mold operations, shortening the production cycle of parts, and reducing the cost of mold development and manufacturing .

  Simple forming mold shaping: Use simple forming molds to reshape parts of the shapes that cannot be processed by the above process, so that the forming contour and size of parts are more stable; simple forming molds are simple to make, short in cycle, low in cost, low in selectivity, and can be mass-produced, and It can be adjusted according to changes in parts and production processes.

  In the manufacturing method of an auto part, it is preferable to use a two-dimensional or three-dimensional laser cutting device in the cutting and blanking step. Laser cutting is easy to operate, high cutting efficiency, no tool wear, flexible cutting route changes, small plate deformation, and low noise. When the shape is close to the plane and the cutting route is simple, 2D laser cutting can meet the requirements; for 3D parts with complex shape structure, cutting path and important parts requiring dimensional accuracy, 3D laser cutting can be used to improve cutting accuracy and efficiency.

  In the production method of auto parts, it is preferred that the blanking and cutting process includes setting flat blanking to more intuitively represent the cutting contour of the raw material. Observe the correctness of the cutting path in time, and when the cutting path or even an error occurs, it can be found and corrected in time to prevent a large number of cutting errors from occurring. In the method for manufacturing automobile parts, preferably, the laser raw material input process includes: setting one or more positioning holes on the raw material to be cut, stably fixing the raw material on the cutting table, and avoiding the movement of cutting during cutting. error, improve security.

  When cutting the material, the holes and transition holes of the parts can be processed at one time, avoiding the cutting of a separate process in the subsequent production, and the blanking operation of the flanging holes is also easy, further shortening the production cycle and reducing costs. In the method of manufacturing an automobile part, in the bending forming step, it is preferable to perform forming using a numerical control bending machine equipped with a standard bending die with a variable angle or a bending tool with a variable angle. In the case of a small order quantity or a trial product, use a bending tool with a variable angle to determine the angle value of the bending springback part that needs to be corrected for parts with a specific bending angle of the same material through continuous adjustment of the angle. Products with large orders and mass production can be produced by CNC bending machines with variable-angle standard bending molds, which can quickly mass-produce parts with fast speed and different bending angles, further shortening the production cycle.

  After the above-mentioned bending forming process, the work of punching the holes to be flanged is completed by using a punching machine. Some auto parts have one or more flanging holes, and the transition holes can be processed by cutting the material in one step, and the punching operation can be completed by a punching machine. The processing method of the simple forming mold is preferably completed by a CNC milling machine.

  In the manufacturing method of auto parts, the simple forming mold for stamping is preferably completed by CNC milling machine and wire cutting.

  In the manufacturing method of auto parts, it is preferable to separate after closing the mold during the shaping process of the simple forming mold and staying for a certain period of time. Immediately after the mold is closed, the mold is demoulded, the elastically deformed part of the part will recover, and the contour of the part will deviate from the contour of the cavity in the mold. After closing the mold, stay for a certain period of time to further fix the outline size of the part, effectively avoiding the local springback of the part after plastic surgery.

  The above is the technical realization of auto parts, if you want to know more, please feel free to contact us!