The rolling parts manufacturer will take you to understand: the characteristics of rolling head processing

The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the manufacturing industry has high requirements for processing equipment. In order to make the product have a smoother surface, rolling heads are usually used for processing and manufacturing, and the use of rolling tools such as rolling heads also brings greater convenience to production activities. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that in order to meet the processing needs, the rolling parts manufacturer has produced more precise rolling heads based on imported technology. I think you should understand the characteristics of machining with a rolling head.

Roller parts manufacturers

The rolling part manufacturer tells you that the rolling head is a pressure finishing process, which is the cold plastic characteristic of metal at room temperature. The rolling head is used to apply pressure to the surface of the workpiece, so that the surface metal of the workpiece produces plastic flow and fills it into the original residual low groove. The surface roughness of the workpiece is reduced. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that due to the plastic deformation of the rolled surface metal, the surface structure is cold hardened, the grains become finer, a dense fiber shape is formed, and a residual stress layer is formed, thereby increasing the hardness and strength, thereby improving the Abrasion resistance and abrasion resistance. Corrosion resistance and coordination of the workpiece surface. The rolling part manufacturer tells you that the rolling head is a non-cutting plastic processing method, which can avoid some problems caused by cutting, because the non-cutting processing method can also avoid a large amount of material waste, which has obvious advantages in reducing the production cost of the manufacturer Performance. The rolling head is cheap and has a long service life, which can bring more economic benefits to the manufacturer.


The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that these are the characteristics of rolling head processing. I hope this article will be helpful to readers. Roller manufacturers tell you that there are many types of rolling heads. When choosing a rolling head to process on a machine tool, we need to choose a suitable rolling head, because improper selection will lead to machining accuracy errors and greatly reduce the processing effect. In addition, there is a lot of knowledge to pay attention to. If you want to continue to understand, I suggest you visit our official website.

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