The rolling part manufacturer talks about how to maintain the guide rail of the glass regulator?

  The rolling part manufacturer talks about how to maintain the guide rail of the glass regulator?

  Roller parts manufacturer: How to maintain the guide rail of the glass regulator?

  The rolling parts manufacturer tells everyone that the glass regulator guide rail is a kind of window lifting device. In terms of application, there are two types: electric and manual. Now some doors and windows are manually lifted (closed, opened) instead of hand-operated. Generally, buttons are used. The type electric lifting method, that is, the electric lifting window is adopted, which is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a guide rope, a guide plate and a glass mounting bracket.

  The driver controls the opening and closing of all doors and windows, and the switch on the inner door handle is controlled by the passenger. It is very convenient to operate. Then, how to maintain it? Now all cars are electric, only need to change the crank part driven by the motor, and then pass The switch controls the direction of the current and changes the rotation direction of the motor to realize the lifting of the glass window.

  Therefore, there are rubber sealing strips around the glass frame, so that the glass can be close to the body to achieve the functions of wind resistance and water resistance.

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  Maintaining power windows may seem trivial, but you can't ignore them, imagine what you'd do if you lowered the windows and found they wouldn't close when you parked at night to get home?

  Therefore, it is very important to spray WD-40 to lubricate the guide rail of the glass regulator. For the rubber strip, there is a curing agent on the market, which can maintain the toughness of the rubber and reduce the occurrence of dry cracks, even if other conditions are caused by long-term wear, such as motor failure. Or the connecting rod mechanism is corroded and broken, etc. If you encounter this problem, you must return to the factory to replace the parts.

  Rolling parts manufacturers: automotive glass regulator guide rail sink technology

  The main function of the window lifter guide rail sink is to discharge rainwater along the groove body, prevent water from flowing into the body sheet metal structure and the interior of the body, and prevent rainwater from corroding the body sheet metal stamping parts prematurely under this action. Therefore, a reasonable structural design is very Important, the following briefly introduces its process.

  Generally, the rear column water channel of the guide rail water channel body of the automobile glass regulator is mainly welded by the upper plate of the rear water channel and the installation plate of the rear combination lamp. The upper part is welded on the roof, the side is welded on the side outer plate, and the bottom is welded on the rear outer plate. , A channel column is formed along the rear between the roof and the bottom of the car, and the water flows down from the top of the drain pipe without entering the car. After welding, the joint surface of the board generally needs to be glued, and the rear door hole is sealed with a sealing strip, and the taillight and wiring harness The mounting holes are sealed with bosses and gaskets.

  The structure and function of the waterway along the rear body from the bottom of the upper cover requires that the water above the body can be drained down along the waterway, and the rainwater will not enter the wiring harness hole and the taillight installation hole of the body from the beginning. When the rear door is opened, you can clearly see the whole The external structure of the waterway, so there are certain requirements for its appearance and coordination.

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