How to make a car door frame

  Typically, a door frame for an automobile is a window frame attached to the vehicle door. That is, a door frame for a vehicle is a frame formed to surround a door glass. In addition, a door glass run channel is installed at a door frame of a vehicle to guide opening/closing of a door glass. Car door frames can be combined with bright lines. Here, the bright strip is exposed on the outside of the vehicle and installed on the outside of the door frame of the vehicle. In addition, gloss trims of various designs can be manufactured to improve the aesthetic features of the vehicle, so let's learn how to make a car door frame!

car door frame

  It is not easy to change the shape of the vehicle door frame according to the shape of the bright strip. In addition, without changing the shape of the car door frame, additional components are required to combine to form various shapes of bright trims. For example, a plastic part is provided between the door frame and the gloss trim, so that the door frame and the gloss trim can be combined. In addition, the transparent molding can be combined with the door frame through parts such as rivets, however, if additional components are used, the connection structure for combining the door frame with the transparent molding is complicated and the manufacturing cost increases. In addition, the weight of the car's door frame combined with the bright strip has also increased. Meanwhile, even if additional constituent elements are used, there is a limit to a firm combination of door frames and bright moldings whose shapes are different from each other.

  Automotive door frames It may be combined with bright moldings provided to improve vehicle aesthetic features and door glass run channels to guide opening/closing of door glass. The door frame can include an outer frame: the outer frame is equipped with bright strips; the inner frame is set on the inner side of the outer frame and combined with the outer frame. The door glass run can be inserted and bonded between the glass run support part formed at the transparent molding and the glass run contact part formed at the outer frame, and the transparent molding can be directly attached to the outer frame without additional part.

  The automotive door frame may include, in contact with the bright molding surface: a molded mounting portion; a bead portion formed at one end of the molded mounting portion and crimped to a portion of the inner frame. A glass run contact portion may be bent and extended toward the vehicle interior from the other end of the molding installation portion, and a hole into which a part of the transparent molding may be inserted is formed at the glass run contact portion.

  The bright molding may include: a frame contact portion that is in surface contact with a molding mounting portion of the outer frame; an extension portion that bends and extends from one end of the frame contacting portion toward the inside of the vehicle and is formed to surround one end of the molding mounting portion and A part of the beading portion; the second extension portion bends from the other end of the glass run support portion toward the interior of the vehicle and is adapted to have a part thereof inserted into the hole. The glass run support part may be adapted such that one end thereof is connected with the other end of the frame contact part, and the other end thereof extends in a U shape and contacts the door glass run channel, and may be formed to block the expansion part molding installation part. The stopper at one end of the hole and a part of the second extension inserted into the hole may be formed to block one side of the hole.

  The above is the production method of the car door frame. If you want to know more about it, please feel free to contact us!