The rolling parts manufacturer will take you to understand: how to use the rolling head

Roller manufacturers tell you that placing the rolling head on the machine tool to be used is a common form of their work. The rolling head has an effect on the processing of the workpiece and can improve the performance of the workpiece. Therefore, the use of the rolling head is relatively extensive. Perhaps many readers know relatively little about rolling heads . We need to know that the purpose of understanding the head is to perform its function. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that if you want to play the role of rolling head , you need to be familiar with its operation method. Without further ado, let's learn how to use rolling heads together in the following content .

Roller parts manufacturers

1. The manufacturer of the rolling parts tells you to install the rotating head on the main shaft, and the rotating head will make the workpiece rotate without rotating, or install the rotating head on the tailstock, and the rotating head will not rotate when the workpiece rotates, and the rotating head can rotate the workpiece After processing into a whole one job. Dimensional and surface finish requirements are required. The installation and use of the rolling head are roughly these two methods.

2. Fine-tuning and loosening of the gong, the diameter of the rolling head can be adjusted, and each small section is 0.0025mm. The reason for adjusting the diameter of the rolling head is because different diameters need to be used when processing different workpieces, so the accuracy of workpiece processing can be guaranteed.

3. The rolling part manufacturer tells you that the rolling head and the workpiece need to be on the same axis so that the rolling head can rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.


4. After processing, the workpiece or rolling head will continue to rotate, and the rolling head will automatically shrink when it exits, without damaging the surface of the processed workpiece.

The above is how to use the rolling head , I hope it will be helpful to readers. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that the manufacturing industry uses a relatively large number of rolling heads , and because of the good quality of the rolling heads , when we use the rolling heads for processing, the loss of the rolling heads is relatively small. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that using the rolling head according to the conventional method can ensure a longer service time. I hope that more people will understand the roller head equipment, discover the advantages of the roller head, and use the roller head to help their production.

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