Tell you the normal service life of auto parts in one minute!

  Little is known about the service life of auto parts

  As an indispensable means of transportation in human life, automobiles are highly valued for their lifespan. The lifespan of each car is inextricably linked with the lifespan of auto parts . The lifespan of auto parts includes driving kilometers, vehicle wear, It is good to know the service life of auto parts on the use of various parts , because sometimes the problem of a part can affect the service life of the whole vehicle. How long can the specific auto parts be used? This involves personal safety ,Can not be ignored!

  about the engine

  Engines do not have a fixed and accurate life span. Some engines have not been overhauled after 500,000 kilometers, and some engines have problems without 100,000 kilometers.

  In addition to basic performance, the key is the owner's usual driving habits, as well as the correct use and maintenance of the vehicle.

  Generally speaking, the service life of an engine is about 10-15 years, and a good-quality and well-maintained engine may last for 20 years.

  About the starter

  In a sense, the starter should be a very short-lived part of the car.

  If we use the car frequency of most car owners in the country to calculate.

  If the fire is fired twice a day, the average fire time is 2 seconds, and the vulnerable period of the car starter is 100,000 kilometers.

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  Calculated by running 10 kilometers in 5 years, the combined working time of the starter is about 2 hours, so the overall life of the starter is only about 2 hours, don't you think it is very short?

  About brakes

  The service life of the brake pads is closely related to its use. Generally, the service life of the front wheel brake pads is about 40,000 kilometers, and the service life of the rear wheel brake pads is about 80,000 kilometers.

  Front wheel brake pads have a slightly shorter service life than rear wheels because of the different gravitational forces on the front and rear wheels while driving.

  At the same time, it also depends on the driver's usual driving habits. If you slam on the brakes, the injury will be more serious. Pay attention to daily wear and tear, and you need to change the position for safety.

  There is also brake fluid, whose importance cannot be underestimated. Its service life is generally 2 years or 50,000 kilometers. If it is not checked regularly and replaced on time, it will cause air resistance due to deterioration and cause brake failure.

  about tires

  The service life of tires varies from brand to brand, and the service life of different brands of tires will be different, generally 50,000 to 100,000 kilometers.

  According to international standards, tires need to be replaced if the tread depth is 1.6 mm. If not replaced in time, the bearing capacity will decrease due to aging and cracking, resulting in tire blowout.

  According to professionals, although the recommended tire replacement cycle is five years, due to the different use environments, the first thing to replace a tire is the degree of wear, followed by the age. If the wear is serious, it needs to be replaced even if it is only used for one year.

  Of course, if tire wear is not obvious, tires with a service life of more than 5 years should also be replaced, after all, materials will age with time.