What are the mass-produced carbon fiber auto parts?

  The application of carbon fiber composite materials in auto parts has a long history. From racing cars to ordinary passenger cars, carbon fiber composite materials are more and more involved in automobiles. However, due to the expensive material cost of carbon fiber and the increasingly fierce automobile market Due to price competition, carbon fiber composite materials have not been widely used in relatively large family cars in the market, indicating that the mass use of carbon fiber auto parts is mainly concentrated in the following aspects.

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  Carbon fiber mirror housing and license plate holder:

  The use of carbon fiber composite materials on exterior parts of automobiles such as rearview mirror shells and license plate frames does not highlight its lightweight significance, but more to meet customers' psychological demands for advanced composite materials. The prices of such products are in the Between hundreds of thousands to several thousand yuan, the overall price of the car will not be significantly increased, but it can give the car a better user experience and sense of fashion, and bring more added value to the marketing and brand building of the car.

  Carbon Fiber Seat Frame:

  The use of carbon fiber composite materials on the car seat frame can well meet the dual pursuit of lightweight and safety for car seats. Relevant national laws and regulations have specific requirements for the dynamic strength of car seats. Carbon fiber composite seat The chair frame has the performance advantages of impact resistance, corrosion resistance, high strength, and fatigue resistance. It not only fully meets the requirements of complex working conditions, but also has a high safety factor. According to reports, high-end luxury passenger cars or commercial vehicles in this category The configuration of the components is often aviation-grade. For example, the retractable folding table frame supporting the seat will also use carbon fiber composite materials.

  Carbon fiber crash box;

  The automotive energy-absorbing box designed as a thin-walled component will be folded and deformed due to collision. The energy-absorbing box absorbs the energy generated by the vehicle collision at the same time, thereby greatly reducing the impact damage to the car body and effectively improving the safety of the car. In order to meet certain rigidity requirements , Traditional energy-absorbing boxes generally use metal materials such as aluminum alloy or low-carbon steel. Compared with low-carbon steel and aluminum alloy, carbon fiber composite materials have higher energy absorption ratio and better deformation while reducing their own weight. Stability and energy absorption effect. Due to the high cost of carbon fiber composite materials, the structural design of carbon fiber automotive energy-absorbing boxes should be as simple as possible. On the one hand, it can reduce the waste of raw materials, and on the other hand, it is convenient for mass production, thereby reducing the overall application cost.

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