Rolling parts manufacturers will take you to understand: the reasons for choosing rolling tools for processing

What is the main function of rolling tool processing ? I don't know if you have a simple understanding of this knowledge. This method of rolling tooling has been popular with roller press manufacturers since the emergence of dependency . They chose to use a rolling tool for the finish. The number of roller press manufacturers is increasing. So, what are the advantages of rolling tool processing , and why this processing method has gradually become popular, many people are curious about these questions. Therefore, this is the reason for choosing rolling tools for machining.

Roller parts manufacturers

Rolling parts manufacturers tell you that calendering is a plastic processing method in which a high-hardness and smooth roll is rolled into contact with a metal surface, thereby causing a small amount of plastic deformation on the surface layer, thereby changing the surface roughness. We often see that when paving the road, the roller presses very flat on the uneven road. The same is true for the processing principle of rolling tools . The rolling part manufacturer tells you that the roller is used to roll the metal surface, the convex part of the surface is rolled flat, the concave part is raised and processed into a smooth mirror-like surface. Unlike cutting machining, rolling tooling is a type of plastics machining. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that not only the surface roughness of the rolled workpiece is greatly reduced, but also the wear resistance of the processed surface has been enhanced, and the fatigue strength has also been improved. Punching tools have advantages not available in cutting. The rolling parts manufacturer tells you that a rolling process can achieve a smooth mirror effect. Compared with the traditional grinding process, not only the hardness is improved, but also the production efficiency is improved. It is easy to install and versatile. It is a good choice to improve traditional crafts.


Through the introduction of this article, you can understand the reasons why rolling parts manufacturers choose rolling tools for processing. In fact, it is the trend of the times that rolling tool processing becomes the main processing method. Nowadays, people have higher and higher requirements for the use of products. Roller manufacturers need to use modern production methods to keep up with the pace of development of the times, and will not be eliminated in the fierce market competition. Processing with a mirror rolling tool can remove the roughness of the product surface faster and make the product surface as smooth as a mirror.

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