What is the function of the car door frame seal

Although unobtrusive, car door seals play a key role in proper functioning. One of the more common types is window and door weatherstripping. So do you know the purpose of the car door frame seal ? How to keep your car sealed? What should be paid attention to when disassembling and replacing the automobile sealing strip? Don't worry, I can announce the answer for you next.

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As we all know, the role of the car door frame sealing strip can not only prevent objects outside the car from entering the car, but also reasonably prevent rainwater from entering the car. In addition, the weather strip also has the function of reducing external wind noise, damping and preventing pollution when the car buyer usually drives.

1. Usually clean up

After the car has been used for a long time, it is difficult to prevent dust from adhering to the sealing strip. It can easily become damaged and brittle if not washed immediately. Therefore, the dust on the sealing strip needs to be cleaned immediately. Buyer recommends cleaning every 1 to 2 quarters.

2. Environmental hazards

Automobile door frame seals are mainly made of vulcanized rubber materials. Prolonged exposure to high temperatures will shorten the service life of the seal. So when you park your car, don't park it in direct sunlight, especially during the hot summer months. For customers with economic development criteria, an automotive invisible car cover that can reasonably prevent sealing is recommended . The strip cracks due to heat. In addition, choosing a maintenance paste for the car door frame seal can restore the ductility of the seal.

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3. Frequently Asked Questions

In the cold winter, the average temperature is usually lower. Sunroofs and weatherstrips may freeze after a car wash. Therefore, it is recommended that customers do not have to open it forcefully to prevent damage to the sealing strip.

In addition, during the driving process of the car, if the sealing strip becomes embrittled, cracked, etc., it will not only damage the sound insulation and noise reduction effect of the car, but also cause water seepage and water immersion. In more severe conditions, so you need to buy a well-maintained car.

Common problems of car door frame seal replacement:

1. Before removing and replacing the sealing strip, please make sure to choose the appropriate sealing strip according to your own car system.

2. After selecting the sealing strip, remove the old car door frame sealing strip, clean the periphery of the sealing strip, and install it after covering the protective film.

3. When removing and replacing the sealing strip, leave one or two drains on the door. NOTE: Do not block the many drain holes to prevent water from accumulating in the car.

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